The Italian Collection at Morgenster now has white - a Vermentino

Giulio Bertrand is introducing more and more of his Italian flair to Morgenster, and the 4th Italian variety to be produced at the Helderberg estate is their Vermentino. 
The Vespri,  named after Verdi’s Vespri Sicilian, is a very light, fresh and fruity wine and delicious with food.
The grapes are being sourced from vineyards elsewhere for now, but there are very recent plantings on the farm, and according to Mr Bertrand, the soil is seriously rocky and windy. Fortunately the variety is hardy, having hailed from Sardinia - with similar weather to our hot and water-stressed Western Cape.

This delicious white wine completes Morgenster's Italian Collection, (for now), which currently including only reds and rosé:  the Morgenster Nabucco (Nebbiolo), Tosca (Sangiovese and Bordeaux blends) and Caruso (Sangiovese rosé).
Our media group were introduced to the Vespri at 95 - the award-winning restaurant on the estate, and the lip-smacking repast was only improved by being enjoyed with this collection wines with their roots firmly in Italy.  My best at Morgenster is their scrumptious parmigiani,  (of course occasionally superseded by their freshly pressed olive oil!), but again - they are all just enhanced by the wines  - a true Italian experience.