VinPro Foundation turns 5 - #becausepeoplematter

The Vinpro Foundation celebrated its 5th birthday on Friday 21st Sept - and their new tag-line #becausepeoplematter is a particularly relevant one.  Transformation is complicated and there are so many different areas of the Wine Industry that need to be transformed, including Land, People, Skills, Management, Living Standards, Alcoholism, Education and more.
Their focus is simple:  Leadership & Skills, Ethical Trade, and Harm Reduction and Early Childhood Development.
Their aim is to reach the Vinpro WISE Targets by 2025:  for Black-owned land (from 1.5% to 20%), Ethically Accredited Volume (from 20% to 100%) and Jobs (from 275 000 to 375 000)

They have already achieved a lot in the last few years, and have funded 26 Higher education bursaries.
We heard first hand from Abongile Nxitywa who is studying BSc Agric – Agronomy and Plant Pathology at Stellenbosch University which she has almost competed. She says would never have managed to get her degree without the assistance from Vinpro Foundation.  We also heard from Ian Alexander, originally from Paarl, who was funded to complete The Business of Wine Certificate at the UCT GSB and is running Caroline's Fine Wine Cellar in Tokai. He is ambitious and keen to go much further in the wine industry.

Since 2015, Vinpro Foundation has contributed to over 400 ethical trade audits on farms and cellars. Through their contribution over 40 000 agricultural workers have benefited from improved working and living conditions. During 2017/18 the Vinpro Foundation paid out 111 WIETA subsidy claims.

In the last 12 months, they monitored over 1200 children on farms for signs of neglect / FAS (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome) due to neglect by parents addiction to alcohol and substance and 394 youth (aged between 18-35 years) received counselling and support to beat addiction and live meaningful lives.

Transformation is slow but sure, but it is happening.

If you are in the wine industry and want to make a difference, ensure that your CSI funding and BEE credentials come from contributing to the Vinpro Foundation, where you can be sure the benefits reach those who live and work in the industry and ultimately make a difference to the industry in which you work.


For more info:
021 276 0500