The calm of Tulbagh and surrounds

On my travels around the winelands of late, I find myself being delayed often by the Stop & Go road works everywhere. (or in South African parlance - the RYGOs)
But although annoyed by being delayed, I am also grateful for the roads being maintained and improved... so there is always a silver lining!

This week took me to Tulbagh and one really needs to calm down a bit when going into the country - there is such gorgeous architecture, beautiful wine farms, so it helps to just stop, look, be and breathe it all in. 
I visited Tulbagh Winery which offers such great value for money with their fun Flippenice brand and fun labels. I am looking forward to enjoying the Tulbagh 2015 Cabernet which I bought for only R50/bottle, so looking forward to that on a winter's night soon! Not too many people make Jerepigo - and their Sopkoppie label is delightful - they should have entered the Wine Label Design awards competition!

Weddings are of course one of the biggest money-spinners in the tourism business, especially in the winelands, and Montpellier offers the most gorgeous chapel in the winelands,with manor house, gardens and wine of course to add to that.
Organic wine is top of many people's lists these days, and Waverley Hills, which is situated just outside Wolseley offers excellent organic certified wines, and you can also enjoy a repast in their restaurant, which is open daily for lunch and on Wednesday nights for pizza night. I just had time to sneak in a pumpkin fritter with a rosemary and butterscotch sauce..  a very large portion!
As usual there is plenty to do outside of Cape Town, one just needs to get out there.