Winetech 2020 Workshops for Senior Cellar Assistants - Wellington

The first Winetech 2020 workshop for senior cellar assistants was recently presented in Wellington by Dico Du Toit of DGB. Participants learned more about production costs, winemaking faults, production losses and spoilage on cellar profits. Some of the aspects discussed included the calculation of product and product cost; the calculation of profit and the selling price; costs of packaging materials as well as the different levies which must be paid by the cellars.

The Winetech workshops for senior cellar assistants will also be presented in the participating areas of Vredendal, Robertson and Stellenbosch. A limited number of participants, who successfully completed the Wine Training South Africa SKOP 3 qualification, are accepted to attend the workshops. Participation is free of charge to cellars in the different areas but booking beforehand is essential.