Drostdy Hof's new Dry Red Wine - Tribute

Q&A with Ole Ledimo of House of Ole

1. What garments do you specialise in and love to create the most?

“The tailored jacket - the conquest of crafting the perfect jacket does not come easy – it requires a highly skilled tailor to create the perfect fitted jacket. It is important to choose the right fabric for the jacket and lining and the cut has to be immaculate so that it can be dressed up or down. With bespoke jackets I love doing certain elements of the jacket by hand, like attaching the labels, buttons etc.”

2. For the launch of Drostdy Hof Tribute you collaborated with the brand to create bespoke blazers as gifts to the content creators involved in the campaign. Tell us a bit more about the Tribute blazer?

“The Tribute blazer was inspired by the new Drostdy Hof Tribute, a full- bodied dry red wine, and the blends own unique, bold pattern. The colours in the pattern and on the bottle influenced the bespoke lining and navy colour of the blazer, and the shape of the bottle spoke to the fitted-cut. I was also really inspired by the character of the content creators involved in the campaign – they’re go-getters, sophisticated and like to stand out in life.”

3. Walk us through the process of creating the blazer, which part was your favourite?

“I particularly loved working on the lining of the blazers with the Drostdy Hof Tribute print, this was the most fun part of the process. The pattern is really unique and speaks to the senses.”

4. Do you enjoy wine?

“I have always enjoyed a good glass of wine, and I can confidently say that Drostdy Hof Tribute is my new favourite wine to enjoy responsibly with friends and family”

5. This launch is all about paying Tribute to a person of character, who continually earns the respect and gratitude of those around them. Who is someone in your own life that you would like to pay Tribute to, and why?

“I would like to pay Tribute to my late father for his grace and style.”