Hasher Harvest Celebration and launch of Pinot Nouveau

On the evening of Tuesday 17 May winemakers, farm owners, and wine lovers gathered at Hasher Family Estate. Frederik and Céline, the new kids on the Heme-en-Aarde block (and the new owners of Hasher Family Estate) threw a party to celebrate end of the harvest in the best way possible – by coming together to socialise and share a simple meal. In Europe, it's tradition to mark the end of the harvest with a festivity.

At this special occasion, this group was the first to share a taste of the Hasher Pinot Nouveau – the very first vin nouveau released by the estate and in the valley.

To qualify as a vin nouveau (French for ‘new wine’) a wine has to produced through carbonic maceration and must be harvested and sold within the same year – and preferably consumed as well, since the specific production method of this type of wine limits its aging potential.

For this first batch of Pinot Nouveau, Frederik and Céline decided to set aside 1 ton of their coveted Pinot Noir grapes – harvested on 2 March – which produced around 800 bottles of this very unique wine. Whatever was not enjoyed at the harvest celebration has been earmarked for sale in selected restaurants and on their online store.

Photos: Jamanca Feldman, Rosemary-Ann Creative Imagery